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  • Which pig breed?

    Which pig breed?

    26th November 2021

    If you’re thinking about keeping pigs, but you aren’t sure of which breed to choose, here’s our handy ‘at-a-glance’ poster showing the look of the breed, and also some information on them. You can find more details about each breed…

  • UK Breeds at Risk (BAR)

    UK Breeds at Risk (BAR)

    25th November 2021

    The following lists of native farm animal breeds considered to be at particular risk (in the event of an outbreak of exotic disease) have been determined from the expert advice of the UK Farm Animal Genetic Resources Committee (FAnGR). Lists of breeds…

  • Me and my Pigs – Oliver Giles

    Me and my Pigs – Oliver Giles

    14th September 2021

    The Duroc is the latest addition to the Tedfold herd, and Rachel Graham went along to find out more about what attracted Oliver Giles to the breed Oliver Giles with Lena, his first Duroc. Regular readers of Practical Pigs, and…

  • Butchery course

    Butchery course

    13th May 2020

    Chris Graham spent an enjoyable afternoon with master butcher Mike Alexander, brushing-up on his butchery skills Great care is needed when jointing pork. Mike makes everything look deceptively easy, thanks to his years of experience, but beginners must always err…

  • Online show sees close to 50,000 visitors

    Online show sees close to 50,000 visitors

    13th May 2020

    Over 5,000 unique visitors to the first Greatest Online Agricultural Show clocked up 47,987 show area visits at the organisers’ first online show held on 2 May. The most visited attraction was the Main Arena followed by the Livestock, Dog…

  • Me and my Pigs – Maria Naylor

    Me and my Pigs – Maria Naylor

    19th January 2020

    Maria Naylor with a group of her Large Black breeding sows In this issue’s Me and my pigs, Maria Naylor is besotted with her Large Black pigs, hooked on showing and dedicated to judging, as Chris Graham discovers For many…

  • Winter feeding for pigs

    Winter feeding for pigs

    12th January 2020

    Your pigs must be fed correctly throughout the year, based on their breed, age and condition Joanna Palmer, a nutritionist for Smallholder Range, offers some essential advice on winter feeding and how to ensure your pigs remain in optimum condition…

  • Bee keeping in the winter – preparing for the new season

    Bee keeping in the winter – preparing for the new season

    3rd December 2019

    Caption -Leave metal excluders outside in the cold weather to turn the propolis brittle and make it easier to remove. Place on a flat surface before scraping with a hive tool being careful not to distort any of the gaps…

  • Pigs in winter

    Pigs in winter

    11th November 2019

    Pig protection pointers Michaela Giles offers some practical hints and tips on how best to help your pigs through the coming winter, and advises keepers to act now! It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between the seasons in the UK, but…

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