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Practical Poultry

Practical Poultry is packed with helpful advice from incubating to housing, feeds to breeding and including showing and selling too. It caters for keepers at all levels from beginners with a few chickens to established breeders working on small scale commercial production. This informative magazine published six times a year is enjoyed by chicken and other poultry keepers including, for example, geese, ducks and turkeys and even ostrich and rhea. If you keep chickens and other poultry, you need Practical Poultry magazine!



Smallholding is a sister publication to Practical Poultry and Practical Pigs magazines and is published six times a year. Smallholding is a back-to basics publication aimed at “true” smallholders. Each issue tells the stories of those who are deeply involved in this unique passion. There are  regular features on sheep, chickens, pigs, goats and alpacas plus frequent articles on fruit and vegetables too and land kills and rural crafts; in fact, everything to interest and support the smallholder.  Smallholding exudes a sense of community, mutual help and, above all, the celebrates the joy of  living and working on the land.


Practical Pigs

Practical Pigs provides smallholders with highly relevant editorial content to help them the get the best from their pigs. Published four times a year in collaboration with the British Pig Association, readers enjoy regular in-depth buying features, practical articles on key aspects of pig management such a housing and feeding, owners stories and health and welfare related content.