South East

Charlotte’s Chickens

07747 166 408 – Ashford, Sunbury, Middlesex

Suppliers of Hybrid chickens & accessories. Up to 11 different varieties of POL hybrid hens all fully vaccinated plus a small number of chicks.


Hen House Poultry

01622 843 649/ 07711 082 133 nr Maidstone

Huge selection of fully-vaccinated hardy, prolific laying POL hybrids in many different colours. Available year-round. Plus, Pekin & Ancona bantams in season. Friendly advice given.


Malcolm Sweeney

07917 862 776 – East Sussex

Brown Sussex, Red Sussex and White Sussex large fowl. Hatching eggs available from May and young stock available from September. Adult birds sometimes available – all from exhibition stock.


Martins Wood

01323 811 877 – East Sussex

Fully vaccinated POL hybrids all year round. 13 breeds of colourful hens including brown, white & blue-egg layers. A one-stop poultry shop. Open Tue-Sat 10-5 


Priscilla Middleton

01892 723 115 – Tonbridge, Kent

LF: Brahams, Orpingtons, most colours. Red Saddled Yokohamas, Orloffs, Marans, Welsummers, Barnevelders, Appenzellers. Bantam: Orpingtons. Belgian, Pekins, Burmese and others. Franconian Geese. Black East Indian Ducks, Call Ducks and some wildfowl. Peafowl. Pigeons.


Park Farm Poultry

01372 726 772/ 0780 304 6109 – Chessington

Bantams only. Silver grey and red Dorkings, silver laced and barred Wyandottes, gold laced Orpingtons, Welsummers, speckled Sussex, gold partidge, black mottled and lavender Pekins, frizzle and plain, Barbu d’Uccle millefleurs, gold partidge Dutch, white crested black Polands and white Silkies. By appointment only.


Pope Poultry

07753 162 408 – Ashford, Kent

Fertile eggs, Chicks from day old, POL, layers. Pekin Bantams – Lavender, Lemon, Millefleur, Gold and Silver Partridge. Wyandotte Bantams – gold laced, blue laced and silver laced. Rhode Island Red Bantams. *Poultry hatched from own stock *Friendly advice given


SPR Centre

01243 542 815 – Sussex

Second to none Black Rock hybrid pullets, plus Speckledies, Light Sussex and Blue Belles. All fully vaccinated. Available to order on a monthly basis, backed up with professional advisory and after sales service.


Surbiton Poultry

0208 335 0836/ 07802 827189

Light, buff, speckled, brown, red & silver Sussex. Wheaten & cuckoo Marans. White, blue, brown, Exchequer Leghorns. Salmon Faverolles. Silver grey and dark Dorkings. Welsummers. RIR. Plymouth Rocks, buff Orpingtons. Gold Brahmas. Croad Langshans. 15 colours of Pekin bantam. 12 types of hybrid inc Chalkhill Blue. Coturnix quail.