South West

AAA1 Quality Geese, Ducks, Gineafowl

01837 83839 – Devon

Ducks: Khaki Campbell, White Cherry Valley (approx 300 eggs per year), Saxony, Indian Runners, Muscovy, Silver Appleyard. Guineafowl (biggest collections of colours). H/E – adults. National delivery available –


Devon Tuell Chickens

01822 870 295 – Tavistock Bantams:

Silver blue Dutch, silver laced Wyandotte, Pekin 7 colours. LF: Welsummer


EdgeMoor Poultry Rare Breeds

01769 520 244 – North Devon

Orloffs. Buff laced Wyandottes. Red saddleback Yokohamas. Salmon Faverolles. Dark Brahmas. Sabelpoots. Pekin. Bantam Orpingtons. Eggs collected or can be posted.