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For the past 12 years, The Smallholder’s sister publication, Practical Pigs, has been providing down-to-earth content to small-scale pig-keepers and breeders. With authoritative breed information, owner’s stories, expert health columns and clear and helpful guides to everything from fencing and feed to farrowing and artificial insemination, whether you’re fattening weaners for meat or want to start your own pedigree breeding herd, Practical Pigs has got you covered!
Practical Pigs is produced in association with the British Pig Association (BPA), a charity tasked with the conservation and promotion of our native pig breeds. As such, the content focuses on these rare pedigree breeds, which are the backbone of traditional, small-scale, pedigree pig-keeping. If you want to add value to your pork products and sell meat that’s labelled as being from a specific breed or sell pigs with pedigrees, your pigs have to be registered with the BPA. All of which helps the BPA’s vital conservation efforts.
In a regular series of Buying Guides, starting in the March/April issue of The SmallholderPractical Pigs will be sharing practical content to help smallholders appreciate the unique qualities of each breed and the importance of choosing a pedigree native breed. 
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