Taking inspiration from the beauty within the Modern Game breed,  Laura Mackean’s designs manifest themselves as a range of different items including but not limited to: coasters, images, artwork, bookmarks, cushion covers, bags etc. Being from a creative and animal-loving disposition from an early age, Laura has always looked at the beauty in nature and been completely amazed and taken in by it. Combining this with her degree in interior design means that she is always, in her head, transposing these into an idea for a physical object or a piece of artwork. At the moment her work is quite tame and basic but there are so many ideas she wants to try and experiment with.

All the pieces are made by hand at home and are individual, created from concept to product by Laura herself in her spare time. The first pieces that were created were using photos of her husband’s Moderns and these formed the basis of the first collection of ‘cut-out’ artwork, which are images cut out of card stock which are then layered with metallic card bringing the images to life. These are still her favourite pieces to date. There is something so pure and beautiful about the cutouts, they look elegant and striking.

Any image can be used to create the cut-out’s form, so it is very customisable and individual. Any breed, any animal or almost any image can be used. After the ‘cut-outs’ she moved on to other creations such as coasters – both using wood slices and hand-cast cement, with a bold Modern Game silhouette applied, and then leather bookmarks, leather pouches for phones or glasses and other artwork. These items, along with her newest collection of Modern Game prints were displayed for sale around the Modern  Game stand at the National and the Federation which some of you may have seen. She would like to thank those who came to talk to her and for their kind words.

After making a Facebook page with her work, showcasing the latest prints available, Laura got enquiries from the general public as well as friends asking: ‘Can you do some of my dog?” which was a great compliment and paved the way for some truly unique pieces for people. Thee is no charge for creating the designs and the price for purchasing any of her items is kept low for truly great value for money.

Laura would like to invite anyone who likes her style of work  – or has something in mind that they would like creating – to get in touch. She is more than happy to discuss options and create anything you like. The sky is the limit. A completely personalised service using your own birds, or pets or family etc.

modern game paper cutout

Future plans include glassware and other leather items so watch this space!


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