Practical Pigs

  • Me and my Pigs – Oliver Giles

    Me and my Pigs – Oliver Giles

    14th September 2021

    The Duroc is the latest addition to the Tedfold herd, and Rachel Graham went along to find out more about what attracted Oliver Giles to the breed Oliver Giles with Lena, his first Duroc. Regular readers of Practical Pigs, and…

  • Butchery course

    Butchery course

    13th May 2020

    Chris Graham spent an enjoyable afternoon with master butcher Mike Alexander, brushing-up on his butchery skills Great care is needed when jointing pork. Mike makes everything look deceptively easy, thanks to his years of experience, but beginners must always err…

  • Winter feeding for pigs

    Winter feeding for pigs

    12th January 2020

    Your pigs must be fed correctly throughout the year, based on their breed, age and condition Joanna Palmer, a nutritionist for Smallholder Range, offers some essential advice on winter feeding and how to ensure your pigs remain in optimum condition…

  • Pigs in winter

    Pigs in winter

    11th November 2019

    Pig protection pointers Michaela Giles offers some practical hints and tips on how best to help your pigs through the coming winter, and advises keepers to act now! It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between the seasons in the UK, but…



    11th June 2019

    Agricultural shows provide a great insight into rural life, it is a window into the world of agriculture, a meeting place for many and a platform to show case both tried and tested and new ways of working. No matter…

  • Temperature control in pigs

    Temperature control in pigs

    11th June 2019

    Michaela Giles explains how pigs regulate their body temperature, and the dangers that can arise when they’re unable to do so Pigs are endotherms (warm-blooded), like all other mammals, meaning that they maintain their body temperature through internal biological processes…

  • Me and My Pigs – Mangalitza

    Me and My Pigs – Mangalitza

    11th June 2019

    Magic Mangas! Chris Graham travels to beautiful North Yorkshire to meet Lisa Hodgson and her flourishing Otterburn Mangalitza herd We’re all attracted to pig-keeping for different reasons but, for Lisa Hodgson it was a chance encounter with some ‘Lincolnshire Curly…

  • Poisonous to pigs

    Poisonous to pigs

    11th June 2019

    Watch what they’re eating! Michaela Giles explains which plants can be harmful to your pigs, and how to recognise the signs when trouble strikes. The two most common poisonings caused by plants that are reported by the Animal and Plant…

  • London farm is educational oasis

    London farm is educational oasis

    11th June 2019

    Josh Farrell is the farm manager at the Nightingale Community Academy in Tooting, South London. ‘NCA’ is a state-funded, special needs academy for boys ages between five and 19, who are diagnosed with social, emotional or mental health issues. It…

  • Pig Buying Guide: Berkshire

    Pig Buying Guide: Berkshire

    18th April 2019

    Important Berkshire buying tips The Berkshire is a relatively hairy breed; the hair should be black, long, fine and plentiful according to the breed standard. The darkness of the hair is also said to help protect the pig from the…