Practical Poultry

  • Hens – egg production drop off

    Hens – egg production drop off

    14th July 2019

    Paul Donovan gives his slant on the reasons why your hens may suddenly have stopped laying We take it for granted that when we keep hens, they should be like a conveyor belt churning out egg after egg, day in,…

  • Perfect presents for chicken lovers

    Perfect presents for chicken lovers

    3rd July 2019

    Taking inspiration from the beauty within the Modern Game breed,  Laura Mackean’s designs manifest themselves as a range of different items including but not limited to: coasters, images, artwork, bookmarks, cushion covers, bags etc. Being from a creative and animal-loving…

  • Cooped up on enjoying a break?

    Cooped up on enjoying a break?

    1st July 2019

    Janice Houghton-Wallace says make sure poultry have space and are cared for when you’re away on a break We are fast approaching the holidays, with children off school and the family jetting off for a break. If you keep poultry…

  • Keeping quail in the garden

    Keeping quail in the garden

    27th June 2019

    The diminutive quail can produce large amounts of decorative and edible eggs Quail were once wild in Britain and are a member of the pheasant family. Because they are very small, they can be kept in small areas but they…

  • Poultry Q&A

    Poultry Q&A

    26th June 2019

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  • Silkies


    14th June 2019

    Over the past decade, the Silkie has  probably been the most successful poultry breed  in Great Britain The Silkie makes a great ‘back garden’ bird, although its profuse and fine feathering means muddy, wet conditions will pose problems The dedicated…

  • Orkney smallholding – Island Life

    Orkney smallholding – Island Life

    12th June 2019

    Many people take up smallholding for the entire ‘lifestyle package’, but probably few as strikingly as Jenny and Ian, who moved to a croft in the Orkney islands in 2012. “We’d been living in West Africa,” Jenny explains. “When we…



    11th June 2019

    Agricultural shows provide a great insight into rural life, it is a window into the world of agriculture, a meeting place for many and a platform to show case both tried and tested and new ways of working. No matter…

  • From Dawn to Dusk

    From Dawn to Dusk

    11th June 2019

    Count on your chickens being safe and secure with automatic shutting up Time! We all want more time; life is too fast, too demanding, technology speeds up our ability to get stuff done but in turn it increases the number…